ProtonVPN being misleading?

I was looking at ProtonVPN’s blog and found the following page: Do you need a VPN on your iPhone? - Proton VPN Blog

This page seemed a bit misleading to me, especially the below section:

What do you think? Is it misleading?

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You can say “particularly effective” is an exaggeration, but I don’t think it’s deceiving.

I think it is a bit misleading, people that don’t understand it fully will probably think ProtonVPN is helping them more than it really is.

A lot of people will also only read the title; “Prevents websites from tracking you”, which is untrue.

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It’s not untrue to say it prevents tracking, and they explain how it prevents tracking, you can’t blame them for someone only reading the title.

I don’t think there is anything in the text that is outright false, but they are probably overplaying the importance of using a VPN.

This is what happens when marketing takes the lead. I wouldn’t say it’s misleading, but it is pushing the truth. To be honest, if I was selling a product I’d likely be using the same language. At the end of the day, they want you to use their products, and subscribe.

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IVPN also want customers, but are more open about what their product can and cannot do

Everything everyone else has said I agree with. The only thing I would like to add is that they say at the bottom:

‘All this means that using a VPN on your iPhone is particularly effective at preventing websites you visit from knowing who you are and tracking you across other websites you visit. However, you’re still vulnerable to tactics such as browser and device fingerprinting.’

They are still pointing out that a VPN is only one part of defending against tracking. They also point out other methods that websites use to track you. Plus, they use language like ‘particularly effective’ instead of ‘Extremely effective’ or ‘Completely preventing tracking’

IMHO, it isn’t that misleading but they should maybe have worded the title something along the lines of: ‘Prevents websites from tracking you via your IP’, ‘Stops IP tracking across websites’ or ‘Prevents websites from tracking you (from your IP)’


With out marketing its "trust us, you need a VPN, use it generally all the time until something doesnt work. I recommend people to use ProtonVPN. They dont know all the why’s, i tell them to call me when they have a problem and dont do anything you wouldnt do in front of your friends and family.

They also don’t clearly state the capabilities of their product, just 8 things it can’t do.

Proton provides a lot of information in their blog and a free subscription for anyone to use before they decide to buy anything, and you can freely use their support channels like Reddit to get any questions answered.

Does IVPN provide a free subscription?

Proton isn’t forcing anyone to buy their product without testing it first, and you can use it for free.

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I’d say its stretching the truth

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Selling the sizzle not the steak

that’s one way to put it haha

I am trying out Proton VPN. I submitted a few questions to them. Their response sounded as if it was written by marketing, and I got my answers, but only by reading between the lines. So irritating. Until recently, they were very straightforward with their answers. But, I like Proton as a company, so I’m trying to overlook their marketing BS.