ProtonVPN a Honeypott?

That is a wrong idea. E2EE messages can’t possibly be acquired by any law agencies under any court orders. Ofcourse a more nuanced viewpoint is necessary about how the E2E network is laid out and how secure it really is, metadata and all, but in general law agencies can’t view the sent contents of an E2E service.

As far as Youtubers go, I really doubt their credibility and expertise in complex topics that require collaboration of multiple people from various areas. To make a informatory video titled whether Protonmail is secure or not requires expertise in Cryptography, Network administration, Ethical Hacking and Pentesting and so on. Hence I try to distance others from Youtubers giving out orders and commands about what to use and what not to for their privacy. These kinds rely on cult following and only instill paranoia in people rather than building logical thinking in people to make a proper threat model.

Note: Not all Youtubers are the same and some do try to make better content. Also I have made sure not to include the name of any Youtuber to avoid unnecessary toxicity.

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Why would accessing the clearnet site through TOR be less anonymous than accessing the .onion site?

Thanks for you’re comment, I’ve realized that this is now possible. Iirc the “create account” button used to redirect you to the clearnet. (I could be wrong too, it was a long ago.)