Proton's highly misleading marketing continues

It seems that Proton has started an anniversary sale, where they are highlighting a 40 percent discount for their 2-year unlimited plan. However, the discount price $7,79 is only 0,20 cents lower than their normal $7,99 price. Therefore, the actual savings you will make are only $4,8, which is not a great discount, but more importantly is not 40 percent like Proton is telling you. They actually calculate this by comparing their regular monthly pricing of $12,99 to this discounted 2-year pricing. I think this kind of dishonest marketing tells a lot about Proton as a company, and I wish they would not do stuff like this. I really like many of their products, but this kind of constant over the top marketing is really making me lose my respect for them.


C’mon people, provide some links and/or screenshots or something. You know, like a source of your claims.

(I tried to quickly search for anniversary sale a found nothing. Not even on Proton blog, website nor inside the app.)

No need to get defensive. I assumed you could easily confirm this by going to Proton’s website where I saw the pop-up that led to this page: Proton Mail Anniversary Sale | Up to 40% off secure email | Proton


They are comparing the discounted and standard price, which is perfectly normal.


Thank you.

As I was saing - I was on the website. No popup, nothing.

:thinking: I undestand you point and I agree that I would not call it an exclusive discounts either. However the math checks out.

Regular discount Anniversary discount
38% 40%
120$ saved 125$ saved

They are comparing their standard monthly price and their anniversary discount price, which makes the discount seem like a really good deal when in reality it isn’t. What they should do is compare their standard 2-year pricing to this anniversary discount pricing.

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Yeah this is pretty misleading.

Come on proton!


You have to be willfully obtuse to not understand that the normal discount is 38%, and now you are getting 40%.

That anniversary page doesn’t have any information about their regular 2-year pricing, nor their monthly pricing, which makes it seem that this 2-year plan is now 40 percent off, which it isn’t. And regardless, what kind of company makes a huge deal about a 2 percent discount?

I haven’t looked into it, but I think that Proton is run by highly technical people. This is fine, but they also need some “people” people to manage the soft aspects like executive hiring and especially marketing and customer support.