ProtonDrive Word Processor

“Even if Google and Microsoft were as privacy-friendly as Proton with 0-knowledge encryption and other features, Drive and OneDrive wouldn’t be in great shape for non-enterprise customers due to Google and Microsoft adamantly writing on the wall through their design and leaning choices that Drive and OneDrive are for enterprises first and foremost. So, regardless of situation, with that design and leaning, it makes no sense to use Drive and OneDrive for personal usage.”

I currently use Cryptee and cannot praise how amazing it is for personal use. Hopefully something Proton has is a personal and an enterprise mode. Like how Windows has a C and D drive, ProtonDrive has a personal cloud mode and an enterprise cloud mode, with only the latter allowing sharing.

How has the development of a word processor for ProtonDrive been going?

I could be wrong, but I don’t think Proton is developing a word processor at this time. I would love it because that would simplify my use of Proton Drive to make it more like Google Drive, but I don’t think that’s what they’re shooting for to get out of beta.


i am woried of your trust in proton. you do know they have turned over user data to police right?