Proton vs Tutanota - Which is the BEST?!

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great video!

I really wish Proton provided a Thunderbird extension as a desktop client rather than the bridge. It could also have Calendar support, which Proton’s bridge doesn’t have.


I always thought that Proton Mail was the the better option for basic threat models because of it’s high usability. It seemed to me that Tutanota had some crazy better security at the cost of the user experience. Now that doesn’t seem to be the case. Proton Mail just seems like the better option hands down unless you really want native app support for specific things like a desktop email client.

For what it’s worth, there is ElectronMail.

Yes, but I want to use Thunderbird because

  • I have other email accounts that are not proton (and that I can’t migrate)
  • The search functionalities in Thunderbird is simply unrivaled by any other mail client I have ever used

Thanks anyway for the recommendation though.

I personally use both so that I don’t have all my eggs in one basket, plus PM makes it easy to create alt emails.

I just switched my domain over from Tutanota to Proton recently and I really like the user experience with Proton better.
Granted Proton is more expensive but I think its worth it.

I’m using both, Proton is the “principal” because I also have a proton VPN. Combining these two email providers with Simple login’s subdomain’s is convenient

Proton! (For me at least! )
It was easy to switch and I havent really had a gripe with it yet… I also got granfathered into a plan that is a lot cheaper than their new prices so its also incentive for me to stay :smiley: