Proton Privacy: A Review to Determine its Full Potential!

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I know that this review is mostly critiques of the Proton ecosystem, but that fact that there exists a privacy respecting productivity suite that is competitive enough with Google Workplace to where you can get away with comparing features… that’s a win. Proton is graduating from expectations they used to be able to get away with. It used to be fine to just be the privacy alternative. Now they’ve gotten good enough to where they can be compared to the competition on a product basis. I don’t want to be unreasonable, but I do want to raise the bar for Proton and say “keep on improving!”

I’m sure they recognize this too and that’s probably way they’re doing the release model they currently have. They’re probably identifying the markets they want to play in, developing solutions for those markets, entering , and making money in a space where the value they provide comes from being a polished experience from a handful of private options OR from the value add of one account managing several important tools (Proton Pass is likely in the latter category). By spreading wide you add like a multiplier of value to having the one Proton account just like a single Google account gives you access to so much. Build a big ecosystem quickly, even if it’s rough around the edges. Count on the privacy by default to excuse those faults. Then once you’re good on expanding, go back and start polishing. Feature parity is in that bucket.

However, as with many things, this is a balancing act and a spectrum. You don’t want to go too far in the direction of developing all your stuff quickly while leaving things too clunky or unfinished for your current users. That’s not to say Proton should reverse course, but they could use a little course correction.


Another thing to consider, as someone who does use Proton’s suite of applications I was rather concerned about their trustpilot page. Apparently a lot of people have gotten their accounts disabled. I’m sure some of these were for legit reasons but it does scare me because of how many eggs I have in their basket.

I take this with a grain of salt, because I know reviews can sometimes be not a good way to judge things.

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Proton suite is the best daily driver ngl.

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