Proton Pass vs Bitwarden

Confused between which one to go for, currently on Bitwarden but pass looks nice. Need help, will be going with free plan anyways, TOTP on another app for me.


Bitwarden is currently more feature complete (especially for group shared passwords), though proton should catch up.

Bitwarden is also more open, in the sense that the backend is somewhat open source, and that there is a fully open source implementation that you can use called vaultwarden. The proton backend is closed source.

I’d recommend sticking with bitwarden unless you have a proton subscription in which case it might be simpler to just use protonpass.


I don’t care about the features much. The only feature I need it storing password which all
Password managers do. Proton is a trusted company so couldn’t be much bothered about it being closed source. The only reason I want to use proton is cuz it looks clean compared to Bitwarden. Bitwarden looks trash tbh, that’s the only reason but not sure if it’s worth it.

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Security-wise they have an equivalent security model, now you need to estimate which is most likely to have security relevant bugs, but it’s very hard to estimate.

I find that bitwarden has a better autocomplete on some badly designed sites, but YMMV.
I’ve had a couple of bugs with ProtonPass, but those appear to have been fixed now.

I don’t use autocomplete as of now. On my desktop I manually enter my master password every time I want something, same goes with the mobile app. Does get hectic.

bitwarden autocomplete works great on android and in the browser.

the only thing you can have issues with are mobile chromium browsers on android (idk abt ios), because they dont allow androids native autofill (not even brave).
however some browsers like bromite (outdated, dont use it) and the new fork of it called cromite have a setting to enable native autofill (on by default).

IMO Bitwarden is better. I personally use KeePass but between ProtonPass and Bitwarden, Bitwarden has better functionality and is also better in terms of security (you can change the KDF function and it is not connected to your Proton account so you can use a different password + no need to depend on the availability of your Proton account).

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You can use bitwarden for gov ID’s and banking cards. That’s better choice for me.

Also I don’t like putting all my eggs in one basket.

When choosing a password manager, the design of the product can be a factor in your decision, but IMO, it definitely shouldn’t be the main reason for choosing a product over another one.

Bitwarden is simply a more mature product, and I like that it is developed by a company whose sole focus is password management, while with Proton they are doing kind of everything with some great and some not-so-great products.

If you want to stay with a free plan, I think that Bitwarden is also better in that regard. Proton doesn’t give free users custom fields or the ability to autofill credit cards, which will only be available for paying users when the feature arrives.

Another possible concern is that if you’re using other Proton products, such as their email service, you would be able to unlock both your email and password manager with the same password, which is not ideal, but if you properly secure your Proton account, you are probably just fine.

One more thing to note is Proton’s rather weird choice to encrypt the user key with Bcrypt which is not meant to do that in the first place. On the other hand, you can enable Argon2 with Bitwarden, making it the more secure solution of the two.

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I don’t use either - the idea of a cloud-based one just wigs me out regardless of how many experts tell me it’s fine and the convenience bump isn’t too bad for me - but I would recommend Bitwarden. It’s been out longer, is well-respected, and has had more time to sort out any major problems. While ProtonPass… well, it’s Proton. Not exactly associated with “smooth development curve”

Then use KeePass. No email, no clouds.