Proton Pass is now in beta

Proton has released a password manager.

Today, we’re happy to announce another significant milestone in the growth of the Proton ecosystem with the launch of the Proton Pass beta for Lifetime and Visionary users. Invites will roll out over the next week, and you’ll receive an email from us at your Proton Mail email address when you’re eligible.

It is currently only avaliable for Lifetime and Visionary users.


Anyone recieved an invite yet? seems like the site is pretty barebones for now

I know this is very early, but does anyone think that it will be a good service? Like comparable to Bitwarden (without self hosting) and KeePass? I think it is a good idea and if done right, it’ll be up there. IMO they just need to have it on all platforms and have feature parity.

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This is Proton we are talking about, look at the state of Proton Drive. I think it will do the basics, filling passwords keeping them secure etc, but I doubt it will be on par with other apps for at least a couple of years.

Hopefully they do an integration with SimpleLogin like how 1password and fastmail are integrated.


Yeah. It was naïve to think that this much would be there. I also hope for the integration as well. After all, it’s a suite, right?

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I am getting an invite, but perhaps special treatment is involved there. I’ll try and rush a review out ASAP so people know what to expect :+1:

Funny how everyone here is on the same page of ‘it’s Proton so there’s no way this will be good on release’ :laughing: I’m putting out a Proton suite review and I think you’ll all enjoy it as it really tackles that.


actually they already confirmed it in this blog post!

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Yeah, after taking a deeper look into a bunch of articles and guides they have on it, it doesn’t really seem like a bad service. Personally, my only issue with Bitwarden is that the UI looks straight out of the 2010s. From what I can see on the Proton Pass support pages, the UI is a lot cleaner. Just from the screenshots though. Can’t wait for the Techlore video!


It’s a shame that both views seem to be true. One, a new Proton service is gonna be a struggle when it comes out. Two, Proton offers some of the best user experience of any privacy conscious tool, email focused or otherwise. Guys, I’m rooting for you, please don’t stumble out of beta!


this is my opinion about it: Proton new product

I don’t see no reason to use this over bitwarden, and if you range do better yet, use keepass.

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I see potential with the service but their marketing has again been a bit over the top…

I think KeepassXC team is on the wrong side here.

No, you are not “raising the bar” by using full encryption like literally almost any other PW manager out there.

Lastpass did not do full encryption up until the recent breach. Same goes with Dashlane.

Most modern PW managers use either Argon2 or bcrypt.

Some don’t. (Lastpass data breach)

There are however some overblown claims and marketing done on Proton’s part.

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Source needed.

The problem is how Proton promotes its service, as it makes it seem that using a weak PBKDF2 implementation is a common practice in the industry when it is not. So for the average consumer, their marketing can make them believe that Proton is doing something extraordinary while it is only following the best practices in the industry like many other companies are already doing.

Also, this next claim that Proton makes is just ridiculous and dishonest, and we should demand more from them: “Proton Pass is not just another password manager. It’s perhaps the first one built by a dedicated encryption and privacy company, leading to tangible differences in security.” Apparently, Proton has completely forgotten that companies like Bitwarden and 1Password exist. They really should not be making these kinds of claims that do not stand up to scrutiny. However, I’m glad that people are calling Proton out for this, so they cannot just do this kind of stuff and get away with it.

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Lol this claim is pretty much laughable. I’m not saying proton pass is bad, but this claim makes no sense. We already have decent password manager that also happen to be completely free. Tbh I think the best password managers are ones that don’t have a company behind them. Which is why I use keepass. After all, you can’t attack what you can’t access

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