Proton Pass has been released for everyone

Website announcement :

Reddit announcement :

Quoting their website :

We’re happy to announce the global launch of Proton Pass, available now as a browser extension on most major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, and more) and iPhone/iPad and Android. As the name suggests, Proton Pass is a password manager, one of the most highly demanded services from the Proton community in our annual surveys since we first launched Proton Mail, our encrypted email service, in 2014.


There seems to be no mentions of passkeys.
Hope that is included in their future roadmap.

@Henry please do a video on this :slight_smile:

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My first impressions seem somewhat positive. It’s a very streamlined experience compared to competitors like Bitwarden. It’s very easy to use, with its integration with SimpleLogin.

Off the bat, I did notice three issues:

  1. There is no desktop client, or webpage. Trying to access your vault brings up an error page. You need a browser addon/extension for it to function. There is also no Windows/Linux client. Browser/mobile app only.
  2. Option availability. By default the extension tries to keep things simple. There is sometimes an Advanced Options button, but due to colour scheme, I failed to notice it, more than once. There seems to be options you’ll need, but more advanced ones are lacking. No option to change encryption settings, for instance.
  3. No folder, cards, and Identity options, for the vault. I like to keep things organised with folders. I also like to add pseudonyms to my Bitwarden vault, along with card details. None of this is currently possible.

I also wanted to see how the extension stored your vault. Thankfully it is hashed, though it is saved in the extension folder.


That’s the plan though sadly I’ll need to haul butt ASAP since Proton didn’t handle the embargo very well. Soon


Proton Suite garbage, I stick to Vaultwarden. :slight_smile:

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Yes, it seems very basic, not being able to add personal information and credit cards makes it useless to me.

I also couldn’t find any anything similar to bitwarden “lock with master password”

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There’s a feature to lock the extension with a 6-digit PIN code.

It isn’t enabled by default.

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I did try that option, but only seems to work in the browser where you enable it, it doesn’t apply to your account.

Oh, I didn’t know that. After all, I haven’t enabled that feature… So I assumed that it would be the same as Bitwarden.

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I really hope they add a web vault like Bitwarden. I am going to try it for a while to see how good the iOS and web extension are.


Yeah… I will stick to KeePassXC for a while to wait Proton making a webpage (or even better, a PWA!) and a desktop client and then I would definitely switch to Proton Pass.

Also, seems like the Autofill option on Proton Pass doesn’t work for this forum.

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Yeah. The only problem for me is that I used to have a randomized password for my Proton account in Bitwarden, so know I have to create and memorize a password for my Proton account, since I’m going to try not to use Bitwarden for a while.


Trying it out right now. (Coming from Bitwarden)
First impressions are pretty good! It definitely needs folders, cards, etc. but for just passwords-- it’s fine. There’s no quick shortcut (Ctrl/CMD+Shift+L) like with Bitwarden, so that would be nice.

I really like the built-in aliasing. It makes setting aliases for every account quite easy. I tried to do something similar with SimpleLogin, but it wasn’t as seamless.

Excited to see where it goes! (Y’know, when the next update hits next century.)

It’s still a new product, I’m sure they’ll roll out the main features that the majority of password managers have: Soon™


Sure, it’s just hard to know with Proton how long it’s going to take, it will probably take them 1 year before it’s worth using.

I don’t like their pricing scheme, $5 per month and $12 per year, they are clearly overpricing monthly to make yearly look better.

Even with the 80% yearly discount, it’s still more expensive than Bitwarden, and you are getting a worse product.

Video review on Techlore just went live :clap:


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