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as i have said in the past i am sceptical of proton because they want you to put everything in one basket. but today i found out they launched another product: Proton on Twitter: “Today we’re launching the Proton Pass beta. With Pass, we’re applying our privacy and encryption knowledge to a service that many of you have asked for. Later on, Proton Pass will become a free password manager for all Proton users. Learn more here:” / Twitter proton pass is only availeble currently to the highest proton paid tier but now they reall want you to also put your passwords in their meaning the following: if ever your account was hacked then they have acces to your email password manager vpn simplelogin (if connected) your drive and lastly your calander. so this is just so bad.

i won’t be supprised if any of the following services will ever come to proton:
search engine

I mean someone would also have access to your passwords for your email, vpn, calender etc if they hacked your password manager, I don’t really see how this is an issue tbh. You are alread putting all your eggs in one basket by using a password manager so wouldn’t it be more convinent to have everything together?

They would still need your 2FA as well as your password (or even better both your passwords if you are using 2 password mode)


Sometimes email is used as 2fa, which would still mean you would be worse off since they’d have both email and password

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They holding your wife and kid hostage at gunpoint and asking you to use their services?

It’s another service from Proton, another service to make money from, whether or not you or anyone uses it is entirely upto you.

If you dislike a company BECAUSE they are providing more services to end users, feel free to just not use their services. Proton ain’t gonna stop making new services since they are a company and a company needs to make money (Surprising, I know)


this is just simply not true since a company does not need to make new products look for example at windscribe ivpn tutanota etc

Yeah but they are trying to be a google replacement. They need products that google has to do this. Since they are going for a suite, they need new products. The companies you mention mostly aim to do one thing (except for tutanota maybe)


The difference is Proton is a suite of privacy products unlike services like IVPN which is one individual service. Proton need to create new products in order for their suite to be completed.

As @blackwater has stated, Proton aren’t forcing you to use their services. It is simply another service that they provide, whether you choose to use it or not is up to you.


Companies need to grow and a way to grow is by offering more services and products to attract more customers.

At one point Google was a search engine company, now they are much more than that. I think it’s silly to think that a company is only going to stay stagnant and offer one service for their customers, diversification is how they expand their business. We can even see this with Mullvad, they were originally a VPN company but now they are offering a browser too.


I guess you could say that this is an effect of capitalism because a company needs to invest profits into growing the company to recieve further profits. Any company that doesn’t invest capital and grow will be overtaken by the competition.

It’s also important to remember threat models here as well. While I do like keeping my email, tools, and password manager separate, someone with less know-how may be better served by having one account that can give them all the things they do on their Google account but in a private way. Google security is top notch. Imagine good security with the convenience of a Google account, and that’s the market Proton is selling to. And it’s not a crazy market either. Google with its own built-in password manager has been pitching this as well.


Windscibe does offer more services (ROBERT, DNS) other than VPN. VPN is their primary product. And VPN companies don’t usually do anything other than providing VPN services. Comparing Proton to Windscribe is literally an apples to oranges comparison.

The goals of companies may differ, whether they want to make 100 services or 1 is their wish, whether YOU want to use them is your choice. Rather than focusing on what how many services a company is providing, it would lead to a better discussion whether the provided service is actually good or not.


I argree with everything you said but i want to add something. First of all proton vs windscribe and proton vs tutanota is a fair comperison because proton could also only offer one of these products but chooses to offer them both and more. And the whole point of my post was that you put everything in one proton basket

I am a Proton user myself but to be honest I’m just tired of them keep launching half baked products instead of focusing on making the ones they currently have work flawlessly.

Feature parity is also really bad. The VPN client for Linux is just a joke at this point. A couple of weeks ago they sent me an email telling me to try the new email scheduling feature. Which of course is only available on the iOS and not the Android app.

Sorry for the rant.


@gamercool287 I guess when you put it that way, there could be some hidden plan behind Proton and all their services.

Maybe it would be better to place data into completely different containers.