Proton: It’s the EU’s turn to admit Chat Control won’t work

Proton Blog has some good articles, here is a good one which the topic was mentioned on Surveillance Report 150 related to EU Chat control.

Nice to hear how Proton stands on chat control as a lot of us use proton services.

Not just a fan boy of Proton. The Surveillance Reports are better than professional. Every report has show notes and time stamps. The blog from Proton reminded me of the report where I jumped back in the video with the timestamp, watched what I needed. Followed the resource link to the article.

Using your favorite RSS reader you can read Proton Blog here.


government tries not to legislate maths for 10 minutes challenge (impossible)

I fear that this law will pass. At 28 September, the EU will vote about it (source). But it seems that there will be a majority for this proposal