Program like orbot for desktop?

I’m wondering if there’s a program like orbot for Linux and Mac?

My threat model is more or less me being paranoid and trying to keep as much from my parents and the government as possible even though I technically have nothing to hide, as much as I hate saying that, I do think privacy is very important

Whonix in a virtual machine is the only thing I know of

Edit: i’ve not had a great experience with Whonix on MacOS. Works great on Linux though

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Alright, I’ve already got a tails USB stick, won’t that do the same thing? Just a little bit less convenient

Yes! That would also work :+1:

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I found a way to route your internet traffic through tor on Ubuntu through this tutorial:
I don’t know if it still works and I don’t know if you can do it on Windows, but I thought I’d at least share with you one way to do it on linux.
( I know it isn’t a program such as Orbot like what you wanted, but this is the only method I found)

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You could setup your router to go through TOR, so your internet will also be routed through TOR.