Profiles on Android browsers

Is there a way to use Profiles in Brave Browser on Android ?
This feature exists on desktop but apparently not available on Android.
I’d like to compartmentilise my different accounts without having to install a different browser for each account.
If this isn’t available in Brave Android, is it possible on other browsers ?

You can use shelter it’s an amazing app that sands box Android apps using the device work profiles either that or you can use graphineos work profiles if have a pixel device also why do you need multiple profiles what is your threat model

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Unfortunately, there’s isn’t that feature in Brave Browser.

I am not aware of any browser that has this feature but this is unlikely that a browser has this.

That still leaves me with only 2 profiles.
Graphene isn’t an option unfortunately since Pixels aren’t available in my country :frowning:

Why is it unlikely ? Is it related to android itself ?

I have tested a lot of browsers and I have never seen a browser that has a profile feature like in desktop.