Private VPS hosting

Any good VPS providers that are outside of the 14 eyes? I’m looking for a host that provides unlimited bandwidth and isn’t incredible costly. 1984 in Iceland is my top pick at the moment.

OrangeWebsite exists, but their pricing is anything but cheap. I can’t speak to the quality of their VPS service.


Also consider these lists:

Lastly, you could pick one (at your own risk) from the list here that does accept Monero.

cf. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Online Anonymity | The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Online Anonymity

Disclaimer: I am a former maintainer of this guide.

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Kind of off topic, but whatever you do, do not use services like Oracle, Njalla, or any other VPS that lets you host anonymously or for free. If it is free, they 99% state in their ToS that they own everything you run on that server and can shut down without any notice (applicable to Oracle). If it is anonymous, same thing. It is not under your name, so they “host it for you” and you get no rights over your server (plus you gotta trust thedude that co-founded The Pirate Bay if you decide to use Njalla :stuck_out_tongue:). Providing VPS is a real business and has it’s own shenanigans like every other industry.


1984 hosting pricing is “good” (read: on-par with bigger non-privacy oriented providers). It’s no Hetzner-pricing, but being on-par with DigitalOcean is pretty good for a privacy-oriented provider.

I have actually used 1984 hosting, so I’m speaking from experience here – they do seem a bit hodgepodge at times. I actually had crazy inconsistent connection issues on my services that I hosted. At first I thought I had an underpowered VPS, but it was actually because they double assigned IPs to their tenants, so I had an IP collision with another server…

You have to consider that you will hit a bit of this “non-enterprise-polished” experience with smaller VPS providers, and you have to be ready for the long troubleshooting sessions that comes with that. Only you can decide if that’s worth it for you. I ultimately decided it wasn’t worth it for me: I will trade privacy in exchange for consistency and knowing with some degree of confidence that my server and provider will exist tomorrow.