Private SIM reusing

I’ll keep it short. Im in bosnia currently but in my country i cant buy a privat sim. I currently have a bosnian sim which is private. But i want to buy google pixel and install graphene os. Is it okey if i reuse the sim from the old phone? The SIM is only one week old.

Welcome to the forum @Phanes this is an interesting subject which I wish I could help you out with.
Just speculating, what you used the SIM for may matter. The cell service will know that the SIM is in a new device and what cell towers you used. Some services keep this log for a published amount of time. 1 to 2 years, is a rough estimate. I posted a report here on this forum from a website that collected durations for common services.
My point is what you shared with the SIM may make a difference.

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Once you put a “clean” SIM in a “dirty” smartphone, the SIM becomes dirty, It’s linked to your phones IMEI, and can also be used by companies to track you using your smartphone (eg google play services).

This also works the other way around, though to a lesser extent. Putting a “dirty” SIM in a “clean” smartphone forever links the smartphone IMEI to your phone number, and therefore to your identity.

In other words, if you use your current Bosnia SIM in a grapheneOS device then the government and telco companies can track your location and know your identity. You need an unused* google pixel phone with an unused SIM card.

*unused by YOU. It’s usually fine if you buy a used phone from a stranger.

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Someone spoke about doing an IMEI swap here, I know nothing about doing this. So speculating, would it be possible to use the original phones IMEI on the new Pixel phone?