Private Search Engine?

He SCAMMED people.

The 14 eyes are 14 countries that share their data with one another incase of a “crime”
If the hosting server is in one of those countries then you have risk.
Even if a new instance is fast and in one of those countries then the no log keeping nature of searx keeps you safe regardless.

If you need to do reverse image search then searx does not have that function, use tor or incognito with unblock origin/arkenfox and vpn to use something like yandex image search, it is considered the best after pimeyes.

As for instances to use, I like using or
They work the best for me

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I mostly use brave search since i do not like ddg results together with their scandels and i cannot use startpage since it blocks ips from vpns. So when brave search came into beta i started using it and now i use it on pretty much every browser

I have seen the 2fa is a scam video however he just means 2fa via sms is a scam. If you had watched it and yes some videos like these are clickbait however you make everything look twice as bad like i understand you may not want to use anything created by him but calling him a scammer goes way too far

And some of those have onion addresses aviable. That’s quite cool for certain threat models.

I think you missed this part of my post.

No. A fraud salesman is what he is. He ships Brax phone with Lineage as the base OS(bad security). He makes people insecure about what software they use, and forms a cult following(go to his comment section, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about) and sells his shitty products to his cults.

His shitty phones are sold at about $400 shipping with a Android 10, any local store will sell you the same exact phone with half the price. Also see the reddit post in which OP claims to be scammed by Rob where he didn’t recieve the order I suppose.

Multiple people in the forum seem to agree too,

It’s advisable not to watch him or pay for his stuff.


Brax phone: Latest Pixel with Graphene installed. Using the web installer is quite easy and is the recommended method. social: Mastadon

Brax VPN: IVPN, Mullvad or ProtonVPN.

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Thanks for that.

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