Private Search Engine?

Those are the ones i know about: (secret microsoft tracking agreement-scandal) (acquired by system1 - an ad company)

I’f been using duckuckgo untill the a leak wen’t public exposing the tracking deal with microsoft.
After that i switched to bravesearch.
Did anyone notice censorship on bravesearch?
Bravesearch claims to be independent around 90% meaning they aren’t a bing shell like duckduckgo is.
Can anyone confirm this?
Search results are very similar to duckdcukgo from my experience.
What is everyone elses privacy search engine of choice?

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I use multiple browsers with different search engines and two VPN just on my phone.

Just considering Mobile

Brave = Brave
Chromium = DuckDuckGo
TOR browser = StartPage

One thing about Android 13 is you have to have a default browser. Prior Android, the default browser did not need to be set and every link you would select you could then choose a browser by a pop up based on the threat.

Brave is used the least for general search, that browser is default and used for login accounts.

Chromium is used for searches where the threat is known and considered.

TOR is used for just everything first choice for discovery of new websites. Mostly if some site breaks, I just ignore and move on to a different search result.

Well, for desktop i use librewolf + bravesearch
For mobile, bromite + bravesearch

I would never use tor on mobile, especially on a degoogled phone, since it includes multiple trackers including google. Also never use startpage, the site can no longer be trusted.

What’s wrong with tor:

What’s wrong with startpage:


My understanding was the google analytics was related to the addons in TOR FireFox base.
Other than exit nodes what is google getting from my Android 13, calyxOS, running a VPN.

That may be your opinion but please don’t put out bold statements like ‘It can no longer be trusted’ instead, say something along the lines of ‘I don’t trust X service’ or ’ I don’t trust X service because…’ What does not work for you may work perfectly for others, so keep that in mind when putting statements like this out.

Startpage is still a really good option. Just because it is partly owned by System1 does not mean that it has changed it’s morals. Techlore had an interview with the CEO of Startpage and they addressed some of the concerns that people had. Startpage is still based in The Netherlands and bound by Dutch privacy laws. Plus, as far as I am aware their Privacy Policy has not changed since System1’s acquisition of Startpage which, IMHO, is a good sign that Startpage has not changed their mission. This article written by Startpage on the matter may be helpful.

Well stated!

As Exodus directly states on their website, the presence of trackers doesn’t mean they are actively utilized - and that’s exactly what’s happening in this particular case. They’re deactivated when Tor is built. It’s likely easier for them to disable it then completely remove the libraries for development reasons.

You can track development surrounding this here: Issues · The Tor Project / Applications / Tor Browser · GitLab

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I think i saw the interview. Right, i don’t trust startpage anymore, if you do that is your choice.
They where acquired by system1, an adversting company, so whatever the CEO says, i’m just not buying it.
If they really are so honorable and trustworthy why let an ad-company take the lead, no… really nothing buying it.

Aha so there can be trackers that are included to the app-package but not active when the app is in use? Well, i didn’t know that. Still i wouldn’t want tor on my mobile phone when it includes google analytics…
Rob braxman tech said in one of his videos that if you install gmail and uninstall it, some part of the app (google) still remains on your device, i absolutly believe that and have no way of removing that part so it’s better not to install any untrusted apps in the first place.

Simply untrue. If you uninstall an apk, the apk is uninstalled but the saved files cache logs etc. may remain. Those can’t track you.

Personally I think Rob Braxman is not a good youtuber and definetly someone you don’t want to watch to improve your privacy and security.

See this post-

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Taking all concerns to heart. Don’t mind your phrasing, on a serious matter. The research that I could do today busy at work brought me back to this issue 5 or 6 years ago. Any new information would be interesting.
I can see some changes that an application being left behind after an application was deleted, somewhat like a recognizable scar, but i disagree that a piece of gmail remains after a factory reset, or an OS change.
Google probably saves enough device information with any system they make contact with why would they need to hide some secret code in a phone.

I use startpage in TOR because from the stock app, its the best option right above DDG. Why modify…

I use Chromium as my low threat general browser because it is stock in CalyxOS. The privacy setting which I adjusted and test that I have done it works as well as bromite, for my use. I have to make a decision to use it as it is not default so my mind set changes.

Brave is for all accounts which when it comes to my web browser use, that’s actually a large percentage of my time on the web.

I listen to the good parts of Brax, use some browser isolation as he preaches. I take the good that I find in the world and put it to use. You have to have your bull shit detector on with everyone. Including me :slight_smile:

I trust rob braxman way more than a stranger from the internet, he didn’t say anything untrue for all the time i saw his content, can’t remember exactly what he said about the remaining parts of google even when gmail is uninstalled but certainly remember that some part “google code” remains on the device.
If that is active or not i can’t say. Should watch the video if haven’t. Tho i don’t recall the title.

Rob delivers good videos all the time talking about technical details of trackingi haven’t heared anywhere else. Rob is not a charlatan phahaha.

That’s what rob said too, a factory reset should most likely remove and remains from all apps.
I never said that those remains are present after a factory reset or os change, i said this is the case when an app like gmail is uninstalled.
Well if you have a degoogled phone and don’t use any google services like i do, and you had any app on that phone which had for example google firebase analytics trackers in it, you worry after uninstalling that app that something still phones home. It’s nothing but grey fog for me, don’t know what is really happening and have no way of finding out.

Uh. Using accounts for a browser and store your data on some bigtech cloud server/computer, never did, never will.

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He manages to rob (no puns intended) people off of by providing misinformation and marketing on their personal choices. Here is an example-

Here he basically calls a subset of people “normies”, so naturally people will be inclined to not remain a “normie” and pay for his shitty vpns and insecure piece of shit android model.

'Buy my super secure NSA proof Brax phone."

Or this…

Also woth noting almost all his videos are clickbait (FBI, NSA skynet etc).

Lastly a nail in the coffin…

Scams/frauds ft. Rob Braxman-







GrapheneOS on Rob Braxman:

Rob Braxman is a charlatan who is profiting off scamming people selling them highly insecure and non-private devices. He attacks GrapheneOS with misinformation because having real privacy options available for free instead of fake ones is problematic for his business model…

You “saw” some “google code” leftover as you uninstalled the app? Really? Bring a mop to clean it up.

Bro that’s called cache/app data, using which the app can restore some configs all by itself when you reinstall the app. That isn’t “google code”.

I have found Brave to be quite decent, but they now have pretty bad ads so that’s no good. Then again idk how else they’d pay for it.

Why not just setup searx and use the search engines that you like, it anonymizes your search regardless of the used search engine, and it’s open source which means you can run your own instance and have the complete privacy solution.

Setting your own up isn’t for everyone, to do it right it could seem quite overwhelming for those that aren’t used to self-hosting their own services

You are correct, it’s not for everyone, however the known public instances are outside the 14 eyes, and they don’t log anything.
Even if he doesn’t want to host his own, he can use a public instance and still enjoy the advantages of specific search engines.


No i did not see any google code remaining on my device after uninstalling gmail because i never had gmail installed in the first place. It’s simple google is one of the most evil corrupt out of control conglomerates that exist harvesting as much data as they can about everyone… to brainwash them with censorship, manipulated search results… sell the data to adverstisers and governments.
Google is evil and criminal, and they are completly out of control.
I have no doubt that this massive organisation has the ability to remain some active code on my android device even when i uninstall one of their products/services.
I’m not talking about cache/appdata, that’s nothing special, probably all the apps leave that junk more or less. I’m talking about spyware that remains on the phone even after the app is gone and still sends private userdata to google.
I can’t proof it. Considering how massive google is i have no problems believing this is true.

For me rob braxman is not a stranger, sure i never personally met him and never will.
I don’t mind.
After watching a tons of his videos i got a feeling for the guy and i don’t think he is a charlatan.
I don’t care that he is selling his own vpn, email server, phone, why not?
If he can make money with privacy products that’s a good thing.
He mentioned graphene os and lineage os many times, not in a negative way but to inform people that those os’es are an option for privacy.
Other youtubers have sponsor in their videos, he has his own products, nothing wrong with that.
I never bought one of his services and didn’t itend to, even if i had i don’t have the technical knownledge to judge his products/services, do you?

The last thing u sent, “rob attacks GrapheneOS with misinformation” is just not true, as i said he mentioned graphene and lineage many times in a positive way, never heared him trashtalking on those os’es.

No logs for all searx instances? Sounds great, what about bravesearch, they have logs?

I never self-hosted anything so one of the public instances would be easier.
The thing is, which istance to use?
I tried a couple of them, the search engine overlay is bad in most cases, atleast for me.
There is no “pictures” button that i use alot. Search results are wired. On some instances all pictures are completly green (that has something to do with the librewolf cfg but no idea what exactly).

Since you mentioned the 14 eyes, how do you know that searx is out of their sight?
Do you have a “list” of products where the 14 eyes are closely watching?
Just curious…