Private iOS contact & calendar?

Hi folks,

As an iOS user, it is more than just ‘hard’ to get on FOSS apps, especially when it comes to contact and calendar app. While on Android there are many options, like Simple contact, Simple Calendar, Etar, and [insert any other apps here], on iOS the options are quite limited, other than Proton Calendar and the stock contact app(the two which I am currently on), do you guys have any recommendations? Thanks!

Tutanota is worth a shout. It has calendar and contacts support, on pretty much every platform.

I have heard about Malender, but can’t speak to how good it is.


When you’re on iOS, then you might as well use the apps that come with it. They have the best integration and work well.

If that doesn’t work for you, then Proton, Tutanota and Skiff are great options.