Private files manager app for Android that works like the Apple's Files app

Hi, does someone here knows a private files manager app for Android that works like the Apple’s Files app?

I want to add Mega Cloud to that Files manager like it’s possible on iphone

The standard files app on android should allow for this, once you install your file sharing app of choice it should appear in the pop-out menu on the left of the app.
Screenshot of folder selection in system picker
I’m not sure if mega has this integration with android files app, you will have to test it.

My default files app is the grapheneos one, it doesn’t have that feature as far as I know.

That’s why I’m looking for another one

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What OS are you using?

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I was able to get the files integration on GrapheneOS with Proton Drive. I think it’s a per app basis for supporting files integration?

You’re right, proton drive worked.

Do you know any other way I can integrate mega into the grapheneOS Files app?


What I tried to accomplish is not possible in the grapheneos Files App.

Basically what I wanted to do was to automatically export files (like backups) from apps (for example Aegis) directly into the cloud instead of the local storage.

I guess I’ll have to buy an iPhone next time I buy a phone (which is in 1.5 years :sob::sob::sob:)

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My understanding is that you want to synchronize local files on your phone to the cloud automatically. My advice will work only if you have a computer around constantly (laptop or desktop doesn’t matter), so don’t bother reading further if you haven’t.

You can setup file synchronization between a computer and a phone and then setup folder synchronization with a computer Mega app. This is exactly how i backup my Aegis backups to the cloud.

I personally use Syncthing for filesync between my devices. The setup may not be very straightforward, but once you do set it up it’s rather easy to use.

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I don’t have a computer, but syncthing seems very interesting.

Can you sync stuffs from your computer to icloud drive on your iphone?

Did you assume that i have an iPhone? I don’t have one and i don’t understand what led you to think so. I said that i use Syncthing to sync my Aegis backups, hence i have an Android phone, because Aegis is an Android app. Though Syncthing can work both ways, also syncing from a computer to a smartphone. It IS a flexible tool.

And judging by the way you have worded your initial question, you are interested in finding a way to filesync on an Android device, thus i suggested Syncthing because it is present on Android. It is not on iPhone unfortunately, at least the official downloads page doesn’t feature a link to the App Store.
And as you said you don’t have a computer, so why am i even going on about it.

Though if you only want to sync Aegis backups, i don’t see much problem with just opening Mega app and manually uploading them once in a while. I assume you don’t add 2FA to a new account every day or even week and you don’t need to obsessively sync every new backup ASAP.
But if you need to often sync many different local files on a phone then i don’t know how to help you, sorry. Doing it manually every time is a soul crushing chore, i understand.

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Your previous answer was good, I asked you about the iphone just to know if you had any idea.

I’m using an Android right now.

I will backup files manually for now until I buy a laptop.



For anyone who wants to use syncthing with iOS, I found this:

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Well, okay, that’s settled then.
And i’m glad to know that there is an implementation of Syncthing on iOS! Can’t say how good, robust or convenient it is, but nonetheless.

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I will next time