Private Company?

hello i’m new to this forum.

this pass that we often give to private companies for behaving unethically, due to their ‘private’ status needs to be drawn into question.

the delimitation which exists in our perception between private companies and government entities - warrants analysis.

Do you mean like the Twitter/Homeland Security, Apple/NSA, Facebook/NSA, etc. issues?

I’m not entirely sure what you’re talking about, but I think you’re referring to the fact that private companies have a lot of influence of their platforms. That speaks to the reality of putting all of that value in a private entity and expecting it to act otherwise. There are also conversations being had on privacy regulations and protections specifically so that you can’t get away with so much just because you’re a private company.

if we look surface level and only see the categorical difference between a private company and a government entity, it seems clear. however, if one also includes economics and politics into one’s mulling, it becomes less clear the distinction between these different powers. regulatory capture, collusion, shadow budgets, revolving door between government and tech companies, etc… paints a more complete picture of the ecosystem. snowden does well to illustrate this in his book.