Private and secure remote desktop

I regularly use remote desktop software and have been using chrome remote desktop but I am trying to move away from google. The software has to be one where i only have to install it on my pc and can access it from a browser without apps installed because I can’t install apps on my school macbook and I really need to access my home pc for computer science projects. Thanks!

i no longer have access to the website, but used to be my goto solution for these answers. now that they are using google to block me because “i might be a robot” i no longer have access to the website. good luck, and if you find an alternative to the pleas share it because i need it!!!

You might want to look into

If anyone has any criticism about this service please post, I discovered it from a mental outlaw video so yeah.


RustDesk looks cool, I have not heard of it before but I’ll have to look into it. Apache Guacamole is the traditional FOSS solution to this problem, but I think it’s somewhat difficult to get installed, depends on how technical you are.

Parsec is another solution which has a web client, which is probably the best performing option if that is a factor for you.


ill check that out thanks

im gonna check out rustdesk but I have heard of apache guacamole but I thought it only worked on linux. Parsec seems perfect but my school blocks it. Thanks