Privacy website - Legitimacy?

What do you want advice about?

  • How legitimate that websites information is. Is it a honeypot

What have you considered or looked at already?
I looked at their service of setting up self-hosted servers for Signal, and other… But I’m not personally interested in that because I wouldn’t trust anyone to set up anything for me, especially someone across the world I don’t know.

But if someone is interested in verifying, if it’s not malicious, and it’s normal service of set ups, then go ahead.

In brief, tell us about your privacy threat model?
My thread model is extremely high (from 1 to 5 it would be 4.5) (1-10 would be 9)

Here is the URL:

It might not be a honeypot, but you could probably do most of this stuff yourself without this site. Also, I think the suspicion around signal is unwarranted, especially considering moxie is no longer the CEO.