Privacy/Security News Sources with RSS Feeds

Anyone have any good recommendations for privacy/security news sources that offer RSS feeds? I did see this thread but for many of the suggestions I either couldn’t find an RSS feed link for it or the RSS link is no longer being updated.

Try this or give this a shot if you can’t find an RSS link.

Alternatively, these are some of my favourites atm:

And (having reached my post limit as a newbie)

  • privacypractical dot com/feed/
  • privsec dot dev/index.xml

Hopefully the suggestions here are helpful to you! I work on a public service that provides free RSS feeds for websites that don’t have them. So if there’s a website you’d like to see an RSS feed for that doesn’t already have one, DM me your sites and can make it available. The content of the site has to already be public though. :+1:

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a bit off topic, but i just wanted to point out that many websites which don’t advertise RSS feeds still make them available - for example youtube, bitchute, virtually any CMS driven site like wordpress, etc. - see How to access RSS feeds for websites that don’t advertise one

Didn’t know that there were services to create RSS feeds for websites without them. I’ll look into these options. Thanks everyone!

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there’s that too, but the article is mostly about discovering feeds that are already present, but not advertised (such as YouTube feeds)