Privacy/Security guide

I started this privacy/security guide today, and since you’re all quite a bit more knowledgeable than me on the subject, I wanted to see if any of you wanted to contribute. Feel free to fork/make PRS. I think that it’s a good thing for this community to work on and could benefit a lot of people.

I will not make a PR with my Github Acc. in your repo as that may lead to people figuring out this pseudonymous acc. to my Github Acc. so I will drop some tips here.

Recommend MacOS in OS section.

The next is Decentraleyes, an extremely important extension. It is designed for local content delivery network emulation, or, in Layman’s terms, to mask your private info. Additionally there’s HTTPS Everywhere (Self-explanatory name), NoScript (Content blocker), and I Don’t Care About Cookies (Blocks those cookie popups and turns all cookies off). All of these are important to keeping your browser safe, secure, and private. Now the second step in hardening your browser is settings. Simply go through your browser’s setting menus, and do the following. Set the security protocol to strict, clear history/cache on close, and turn off whatever you can.

Remove the section I quoted. Decentraleyes is a pretty outdated extension with no real privacy benefits. It lies on enumerating badness with is a flawed concept.

Ublock and NoScript are redundant.

I Don’t Care About Cookies

Less addons the better privacy. Seems like an useless addon to me. Just recommend users to enable third party cookie tracking.

And lastly move to a markdown format not a txt.

Good suggestions, I’ll add MacOS to the OS section and improve on the browser hardening section. Thanks!

If you want to take it a step further, you can tear out the camera, microphone, and other potentially malicious pieces of hardware.

There are no benefits to this other than render your phone unusable. The Android sandbox prevents any apps from getting those permissions unattended. There is no bypassing those camera microphone sensors etc permissions.

As for malicious hardware I can’t tell for that.

Arch is another good option because of the AUR

Caution people about using the AUR.

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