Privacy respecting VPS providers

Im looking for privacy respecting VPS providers (that don’t require a phone number) without absurd pricing.
I’ve looked at 1984 already but im sure there are other good options

You should look into OrangeWebsite and (I think Techlore sites are hosted on OrangeWebsite)

I know of Orangewebsite but their pricing is absurdly high

In that case, look into They are based in Belize and encourage the use of aliases for names and email addresses. They also have pretty decent pricing, you can get it really cheap if you get a server in Sweden that only has IPv6 support.

As a bonus they also have a .onion site and run their own payment system (which only accepts crypto including monero, they don’t accept any regular currencies)

My favorite one:

But these are also nice:


Hostiko seems to have good pricing thank you (bandwidth kinda lacking)