Privacy respecting ads

Been wanting to start writing blogs, so I’ve been looking for privacy respecting alternatives to Google’s Adsense.
Found Ambire AdEX, does anyone know if they are any good?
Can anyone recommend other alternatives?

I’ve got no ideas, but if you find answers I would love an update post with what you find.

I do think there is a place for advertising online, especially because it is a big part of the open web. The main problems with our current situation is how data hungry digital marketing has become. I would love to learn about some less data hungry alternatives.

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First: I have absolutely no idea bout serving ads online.
As you ask about alternatives, this would be one. This is at least Open Source, so probably a decent option. It seems to be hosted on your server, so I would assume a good option.
From what I could find in a short time, both (Ambire AdEX and Revive Adserver) seem to be a decent option.
May I ask why you want to serve ads instead of going for a donation based system?

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Hey Raz! Thanks for the alternatives.

I am merely just considering options as it is too early yet for me to tell what to do.