Privacy on the S22 Ultra

Hello, I am currently using a Galaxy S22 Ultra phone, but I have noticed that it has a LOT of bloatware and tracking stuff on it.

I have been trying to make it as private as possible, I have used Universal Android Debloater to remove some unnecessary packages which I don’t need, and I have also updated permissions for all of the apps I have installed.

Is there anything else that I could do to make it more private?

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You can use along with a decent vpn like ProtonVPN and iVPN, nextdns will block some of the tracking domains that still remain after the debloat.

If you haven’t already replaced Samsungs applications with FOSS apps from Fdroid, the 'Simple app name ’ Apps seem to be pretty good replacements for stock apps.

I would also go through Techlore’s video and make sure you haven’t missed anything :slight_smile:

Hope this is helpful :smile: