Privacy Misguidance & Information Decentralization

I like to believe I am a tech savvy user
(even though I don’t know many things like printer troubleshooting ect.)
However, if I’m being honest, I have been wasting my time over the past months.

I am an intermediate & extreme privacy advocate, so I am always cautious about what information I give off by clicking, going to a website, giving permissions, ect. One thing that has been a focus recently (on Techlore) is Domain Name Service (DNS). I always believed that on my IOS device if I was not using manual DNS, then my activity was being recorded by my ISP. I still think they would if they could but I didn’t see one thing clearly at all.

The fact that the VPN provider, or Mullvad VPN in specific at least, overrides system DNS by default with kill switch enabled. The fact that I didn’t check myself about the default DNS in the first place and instead assumed, meant I had to put a manual DNS every time I connected to a network and delete every default DNS, but it did NOTHING!

Also while we’re on the topic, I recommend researching wifi networks and how they are constantly screaming:

A thing I still do is pressing edit and forgetting all networks before I join another, I’ve forgotten to do this a couple of times but an improvement is an improvement.

Firstly, welcome to the forum.

On that same note, this is why we need communities, like this. You only know, what you know. With how fast things move, updates, malware, and so on, it’s hard to keep track of EVERYTHING. There is a reason (good) news sources have multiple journalists, to branch into different areas. As a community, we help each other. You might not implement everything, but that’s alright. We each have different threat models, and opinions. So long as you try to understand what they’re saying/doing (does it apply to you), it’s doing some good. If you do not understand, feel free to ask. If you’re finding something hard, you’re likely not the only one.

Just take a look at that recent DNS thread. It has a bunch of information relating to DNS, apps, and whether or not you should even use a custom DNS, while connected to a VPN.