Privacy is Not about only using Private software!

Privacy is not about only using Privacy respecting or private software or services.
But the knowledge about privacy is important. You should know how much data you are sharing.

Privacy is not about only using GrapheneOS. But to know what it offers and how can you take care of your OS in a private way as much as you are comfortable with.

You can even use facebook but you must know how it uses your data. Then you can go ahead with the caution.

Privacy is all about knowledge.


Sort of agree. Privacy and security is about valuing freedom, being aware of threats and capabilities, be it your own or your adversary’s, and about knowing ways of mitigating and exploiting them, about taking control of your ways.
Damn, in this phrasing it literally sounds like a motto of surviving.

Privacy is about control. You’re supposed to have control over who gets what data. If you don’t care about your alma matter and work experience being public information, maybe you can be private with linkedin.

The issue with FB is, you don’t have much control over what the Zucc collects about you. Meta collects everything, and uses it for ads, and so you are entirely at their mercy if you use the service. If you truly have nothing to hide (doubt) then it shouldn’t be an issue.