Privacy is FUTILE…unless…?

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Very inspirational Video :slight_smile:

I think you condensed and illustrated some good points here.
It also made me aware that there’s a lot of improvement for advocacy in my own live.

Just an idea to consider: It might be worth making a toolkit for someone who wants to spread privacy to the masses.

For example, I find myself struggling a lot to bring forth arguments against the “easy-solution mentality”. Being prepared and giving real life examples in a discussion could often be a turning point to help friends and family understand why trusting Google/TikTok etc. is not a good idea :thinking:

From my experience, It’s also helpful to stay open-minded and to keep stuff simpel. It’s easy to forget the fact that not everybody has basic technical know-how.

So yeah I think talking more about advocacy is really important and something a lot of people (myself included) can improve on.

Small personal sidenote for @TeamTechlore: I really like the minimalistic thumbnail of this video.
To me it looks a lot like the New Logo from FallOutBoy. Is someone on the team listening to that band or is it just coincidence? :musical_note:

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I think the best way to spread privacy to masses is to show them that the privacy focused apps/protocols/websites are easier and more efficient for their everyday usage and don’t consume internet and battery life like the apps with 74 permissions and yeah iam looking at you Tiktok, Anyway another great way is to show them that this open source Proxitok for example is saving their time by making them just watch little amount of content creators they choose by their own free will instead of infinity scrolling for hours with no purpose.

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