Privacy, Health, and productivity

the more i learn about the harmfull effects of technological the less i want to be near them. not only that out smartphones,Laptops,Tablets,Computers etc. are privacy nightmares. are a major health issue with there constant barrage of EMF radiation and blue light emission. not to mention the way that those really suck all the attention out of you. (Mainly smartphones) and keep you from being productivity.

its like all those chronological corporations and governments saying: we will suck every value you can be for us. while killing in the process. and in the meantime we will give you this digital drug just to be “happy”.

sometime i wish i could just live as a hermit on a deserted island somewere

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Everything in moderation. I recommend to search for digital minimalism. It helps with the mental health aspect and goes nicely with the privacy focused life. You don’t have to live like a caveman :wink:

Also - blue light yes, EMF no (unless you’re scared of a simple lightbulb).


As someone previously all-in w/ Blue Light glasses & using night features, there’s actually some research coming out that this is not really a thing either:

I’m all for what’s ‘natural’ and chasing independence and being critical of whether or not companies have my best interest in mind. BUT I also don’t like denying science, and the science on blue light/EMF radiation/etc. is just not there.

My hunch is your health will improve by just limiting device exposure because you’ll be doing healthier things with your time than being on the internet :+1: So like @Ambrosio said just practice digital minimalism for your general mind & health.


Blue light from consumer grade display panels isn’t harmful in any way other than disrupting your sleep, which you can solve by avoiding using your phone in bed. Same for emf radiation, no data supports the idea of it being significantly harmful.

“Compared to the risk from aging, smoking, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and being overweight, exposure to typical levels of blue light from consumer electronics is negligible in terms of increased risk of macular degeneration or blindness. Furthermore, the current evidence does not support the use of blue light-blocking lenses to protect the health of the retina, and advertisers have even been fined for misleading claims about these types of lenses.”

From Harvard University publications.

The biggest risk is addiction and taking your attention away from social activities, exercise, or studying etc.

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Exactly! to quote Cal Newport

Digital minimalism definitively does not reject the innovations of the internet age, but instead rejects the way so many people currently engage with these tools.