Privacy friendly podcast client

Hi there
Is there any podcast client which does not track and collect users data for PC?
I found SoundWaves which cares about user privacy but it’s just for android.

You can download SoundWaves from F-Droid or it’s github page:


I think this is the best FOSS podcast player Antenna Pod


Podverse is quite good.

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I second Antenna Pod, which you can find in F-Droid

I third antennapod

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What operating system do you use?

My main os is fedora but sometimes i use windows

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Really good question. It is basically impossible to have a completely FREE podcast client, as they all use apple podcast or something like that.
I don’t know of any podcast client without any kind of tracking.

A good FOSS client would be GitHub - z-------------/CPod: A simple, beautiful podcast app for Windows, macOS, and Linux. for example

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My choice would be Shellcaster!

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For Linux, GNOME Podcasts, while very basic, is still a nice app. Not sure about Windows though.