Privacy, FOSS and security for content creators

Let’s say I wanted to start streaming and producing content while being as conscious as possible, what are tools you would recommend?

I’m asking about everything from platforms for community, tools to edit videos, software to setup your stream and even gear/equipment to use.

Yes, I know, live streaming is quite literally the opposite of being private.


Being theoretical here.

VPN: Granted its not much help, but at least if you where in a game where your IP could get seen by many, or if a cloudflare unavailable page showed up when browsing the web. Also good for registration purposes and make sure a killswitch is enabled.

Account of choice: Register under a different name from anything else and try to never show the steam page if you chose to do so.

Email allies: Registration purposes.

Password manager: To make the account hard to crack since Twitch seem to care less after the 2020 creators breach of info and money earned. 30 characters with everything under the sun for something like this.

OBS: since its a popular app for streaming and is open source, before the proprietary app named streamlabs.

Editing: Kdenvlie and Audacity are your best bets for audio and video editing. Gimp is seen by many to be a great and debatably better editor for Photoshop for any thumbnails or something similar. All open source.

If you decide to try and make money off of this, stress donations, rather than subscriptions incase of personal info to Google or Amazon. Maybe crypto via Monero. I dont think there would be an easy way of earning money without info for authentication and earning purposes.

Am I missing anything?


idk if this will help but here goes anyway.
I saw a guy post a video but it was a kind of deep fake. Instead of having his original face it was altered (deep faked) by a digital anime character. It blended to his body and face without any flaws.


Consider whether you want to show your face. Consider whether you want to use your real name. It’s totally valid to use those, but if you don’t then it adds a degree of separate between yourself and your audience.