Privacy Education on Youtube

Who do you recommend to watch on youtube for people like me who are worried about privacy and surveillance? (Doesn’t have to be youtube, serious websites would be great too).

What is everyones opinion on those youtubers?
The Hated One (my favorite, seriously does a job like nobody else.)
Rob Braxman Tech (so he really is a charlatan?? can’t believe it…)
Techlore (well i tought i will just mention you anyways)
Mental Outlaw (he made some videos on privacy but does other stuff to…)
Naomi Brockwell (Your toughts?)
The Linux Experiment (Your toughts?)

Those are all i know. Can you recommend more?

Regarding websites i’m interested in news sites that publish dangerous leaks, hacks, or the latest overreaching action by bigtech and governments.
There is so much fake news and propaganda, what are some serious sources?

Those are just for tools:

THO, Techlore, Mental Outlaw are the most trusted ones from your list, I’d say SOG is also covering some major news when they happen so check him out, and reddit is super helpful.

This topic has been discussed a lot already. The search feature is a wonderful tool. Here are some useful threads:

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I’d give a 4.5/5. He is really great at his job. Although some of his older content are quite political. No sponsors.

Criticism: “Delete Signal” video is clickbait.

Quite good. 4.5/5. Easy to follow guides for security and privacy.

Critisism: older firefox hardening guides should be clearly marked as Outdated in the title as those suggests installing Decentraleyes, ClearURLs and bunch of useless extensions. Fdroid video should also be unlisted as it’s not a great option altogether, and or Neo store, GitHub, apksigner should be suggested.

I’d rate him 3/5. Videos are not quite well researched and may contain occasional false information/half truths.

4/5. Decent. Although quite redundant content to THO and Techlore.

3.5/5. Promotes security through obscurity as a viable security option/ as the reason why Linux is more secure than Windows. Most content are not related to privacy or security.

1/5. Bad.

Breachedforums, zdnet, TechCrunch, Hackernews,, reddit(cybersecurity, Linux)

More: Google/Microsoft/Red Hat research blogs, Google project zero page,, Defcon, Hacker forums etc.

Add Privsec, Madaiden’s insecurities.

Some things I’d add is:

A good service to check for products/brands that are/aren’t privacy oriented. One of the most useful things in the privacy community, and something we need more of.

I’d also advise looking at blogs, made by services you like/use. Brave, Proton, and EFF, upload some good stuff.

I can personally recommend:

  1. Techlore, obviously.
  2. Naomi Brockwell. She does a lot of good quality content, that seems to well informed.
  3. The Linux Experiment. I really enjoy his Linux stuff, but I wouldn’t put him into the privacy group. I’d put him in the same group as Gardiner Briant, and DistroTube.

Just remember to always have more than one source for information. Even the ones you like/follow, try to learn their biases, because we all have them. Use their biases to inform your decision, and listen to when others have different views as you. They might have a good point you might not have known.