Welp the day finally happen my bank doesn’t support anymore after years of using the service. What can other service can I use that similar? I used virtual cards a lot!

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IronVest maybe?

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I’m curious — did your bank stop supporting specifically or just Plaid, which is used for connecting your bank to Privacy?

Also, I know some banks offer their own virtual cards system. Maybe look and see if your bank offers that.

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Thank you. Wow.Seems to me, There is a very large Crackdown since the teginning of the year and the credit card space.

May I ask… was there some sort of change in youruser csse behavior? Did your user behavior of the devices that you used services on change? Was there a pattern in which you were using different email addresses and or telephone numbers associated with how you were transacting? I’m asking simply from an operational security standpoint… as well as the fact that I have seen a very sharp uptick and would appears to be either the internal teams of these services are starting to be more complicit with big data and big text protocols for flagging accounts… which has a very sharp Trend in my estimations the past 6 months to start to curb Services based on user Behavior which was formally not quite as sharp in my experience 2020-22.

I went to use prepaid credit cards to expand my memory and service on a email provider I use. Since their , the email servers of the service, are not located in the United States : even prepaid cash cards would not simply allow the credit card transaction online.

As well as there’s a very huge Crackdown I seem to notice and all the telephone apps. Just 8 months ago, I was using text now and text tone for another number. Then all the sudden both apps wouldnt work on my pixel 4a.

(Mind you, I did let it expire a few times and had to re do login credentials. and that could have been another flag? But it is very much worth noting that I aldo downloaded a couple of other phone number text apps ((from Aurora, not Google play)) - like second line and even sudo- and those apps also gave me the exact same similar screen and difficulty of getting a new account. These apps, sudo & 2nd line, flagged me as outside the guidelines. And I also contacted their support and I’m getting met with the exact same thing even after I contacted representative. So I don’t know if my user Behavior ended up creating a red flag situation for my account. Or if there’s just a legitimate Crackdown on anything that could lead to layers of privacy.)

I respectfully accept that I have an underlying assumption in my share that there is basically retaliation from non-compliant or undesirable user behavior that is not forthcoming a personal and private telemetry disclosures to data collection in which applications and services frequently just make it very harassing if not impossible to use the service so again… it seems to be the classic case of if it’s free you’re the product… and or such apps curtail convenience…

Lk fwd where this discussion goes

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Nothing new in my usage just said they don’t support my bank anymore. Plaid does just fine no issues there it’s just privacy unfortunately =\


Thanks Hendrix.

Frankly I think I encounter quite a bit of functionaliy stoppages, not just things like Aurora stores rate limiter ( which seems pretty evident from everything I’ve been reading around here lately that most people are experiencing due to how blatantly aggressive Google is getting on their Crackdown on any privacy related respecting Behavior and apps)


For the last couple years I have been using IronVest linked to a Major Credit card. Since I use the same Major Credit card to pay for the DeleteMe service, I just used the same card. My point is I did not consider using a bank, or even a pre paid credit card to use IronVest.
Kinda got heated and canceled a Capital One card, which I discussed here. I read but never used there virtual cards. Not without regret I am considering applying for a Capital One and a Citi card.
One limitation to overcome is $500. IronVest is capped at $500, prepaid is capped at $500. Maybe a Capital One card with there virtual cards using Eno they have an app and browser extension, which may be an option. Citi offers some virtual card I know less about.
I regrettably used PayPal to purchase an item that with tax was over $500, then the seller did not charge me tax so it came in under $500. This has been my one experience in two years, but I am pushing myself to use anonymous purchases, for anything not in a contract or tax deductible.

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Thanks for sharing Perk… it just seems to me that since privacy behavior modification is simply a part of how to use tools effectively - so as that from an operational security standpoint- there is a improved manner of handling exposures. I am noticing it seems that companies are looking for specific patterns of usage and disabling their functionality accordingly.

I don’t think it’s necessarily anything that can’t be overcome from a privacy management standpoint. One can always just have a variety of cheap phone devices and have different cheap cash SIM card purchases in each one, and use each device in accordance with ones own privacy management strategy in order to get the required texts 2fa’s etc, to keep a big air gap in compartmentalization going on… thx for sharing your xp. Helpful

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When Capital One contacted me about suspicious activity I felt my actions were to blame. With in a month or two I had cleaned up my PII on the cards account. Changed email address etc. Not for sure what was the trigger.
Using specific devices is a good practice for myself. Using a Samsung as a Google phone as I can not degoogle it. When I need to check gmail usually to change a password that is the device I use. ProtonVPN on my main phone and hot spotting for service. On the Samsung using NetGuard to lock down as much as possible.
My interest for a while has been using Android-x86. WayDroid on my Pixel 3A running Ubuntu Touch. It has been easy and secure just to boot up the Samsung but I want to get away from depending on it.
All my Amazon usage, I want to utilize an amazon specific device. This is going to require time for a work flow.
Speaking of cheap SIM cards and posting a bunch of links back to my comments as if I am going to get a bunch of “likes”. The Mint Mobile try before you buy is going to get ordered today to be utilized with the Ubuntu Touch phone.

I have no experience with DoNotPay, it has been mentioned once or twice with out much detail in the forum.
They have a massive amount of words on there website as if it was AI built, TLDR

They have a subscription service and if IronVest and or DeleteMe works in your area of operation, it seems the value of DeleteMe is worth the money.

Thank you perk. My estimations and experience with what I’ve been seeing and experiencing… it would be my guess to surmise that the change of email address and cleaning up your PII was the flag for suspicious activity. Why?

In my experience : any “pace of change” and “frequency of any non-private behavior” has got to be something thought about in advance of operational security. It has social consequences.

And I say this only based on my own experience of when i changed things too much, too quick, and how I change them. Be it with any data telemetry footprint I’m trying to improve my own privacy practices on , or how often i use regular mail, even phydical trips to stores, Etc.

Not to be irrational or hyper rational here. Either extremes, are potential flags. I respect that this topic can deviate into the larger side guys and Status quo. So I do not want to do that here unless it’s being invited. But that discussion on the status quo and the current zeitgeist in the nature of surveillance and social engineering does serve a point about the increase sense of" having to fall in and fall in line or else" type of social ultimatum feeling. Speaking only for myself

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I must add to the red flag, this card predated the KYC laws. The big hit for me was they wanted me to upload my state issued identification before they would discuss what security concerns they had related to suspicious activity.
I changed my PII and they did not have my KYC details.

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Who connects their bank to, You can just enter your debit card number lol.

I had my debit card attached it says it doesn’t support it anymore.