Privacy Can Never Be Successful!

Privacy community will never succeed because there’s no unity.

Recently discovered Techlore’s content back in late June, and time and time again I’ve heard Henry say that not everyone’s threat model is the same (which is true). So I would think that ‘success’ is ranged on a case-by-case basis.

Is it not?

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Almost any broad societal objective dependent on unity will be difficult to impossible to achieve.

Privacy community will never succeed

While I can empathize with your frustration at tendency of the privacy community to eat their own and tear down decent privacy respecting companies because they fall short of perfect, but I’d suggest not thinking in black and white terms (success is not a binary). If you’ve been concerned with privacy for a decade or more, you’d have seen a big improvements, and a flowering of privacy conscious startups and small and medium businesses. At the same time there have been a lot of negative developments as well, but it’ll always be an arms race so long as there is money to be made in privacy invasion, on the hole, I am content with the direction things have gone so far.


Privacy community will always succeed because there’s unity.

Anyone can say anything. Context, sources and proofs are what makes it true (or false in the absence of them). And adding things like «it’s a fact», «everyone knows it», «it’s everywhere on Facebook» does not count because anyone can add «it’s a fact» to anything. Sources, proofs, context.


My privacy is unitized with my privacy. All one unit. Except for some of my privacy, that private guy is an idiot and doesn’t know about the cool guys privacy.

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Privacy is not anonymity.

Privacy community is successful. We don’t aim to make revolution or something else. The main goal is to share information and resources, and learn ways to increase our privacy. That’s it.

I’ve said this so many times before but this isn’t a cult. Any “privacy community” is supposed to offer information and advice regarding privacy. Naturally, people will disagree and use different techniques because they have inherently different goals. That’s a good thing.

Watch Henry’s interview with Carey Parker from Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons. Carey points out that we should be focusing on getting everyone up to 90% - the “low-hanging fruit” - as much as possible.

I strongly believe that the biggest issue people have with privacy is themselves. People tend to look at one thing and get worried meanwhile they don’t see other things they they do to completely give away their privacy. Privacy is an all or nothing situation. 1 mistake can cost you everything.

yea, it can cost my evening that’s true.

I can empathize with where you are coming (privacy is somewhat assymmetrical where one mistake can undermine your privacy in a big way) from but I strongly disagree with the above characterization of privacy as an all or nothing. Privacy is a spectrum it is not all or nothing.

I think you may be mistaking privacy for anonymity or assuming the only form of privacy is perfect privacy which is not a realistic or productive goal for most people.

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you can have privacy 90 percent of 100 alot of times besides no cares about being perfect