Privacy after The Great Reset

I wanted to ask for some advice since I’m new to this world of privacy. I recently read an article (:warning: link has been updated by an admin for security purposes :warning:) and it talked about having no privacy. I might get a little bit into conspiracy theories but some people also said that they will roll out CBDC’s (Central Bank Digital Currency) and a Social Credit System like China has.

So my question is, will privacy still matter after The Great Reset or will it be killed forever?

To answer your question, yes, privacy will still matter after the “Great Reset,” which in any event, seems to be largely aspirational (and not an antiprivacy conspiracy).

Okay, good point.

Can you provide more context? Your link is kind of broken. What do you mean by Great Reset?

Oh, here’s a better link.

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@henry @admins Could you please check this url in the post cause it sounds like a virus!!
I checked it on Virustotal and i got 5 companies warning it is contains virus!!

I just edited the URL to be the Forbes article and added a disclaimer that I modified the original post. @anon83512044 I don’t get the vibe it was sent on purpose, but be careful going forward on what URLs you’re using.


The link worked for me when I made the post, so yeah. But I’ll check the link first in the future!

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I opened that link before you changed it, So are my accounts in danger or did i get hacked or anything???

P.s I have many many account so i won’t be able to change all their passwords!!


You should be fine