PriEco: New open source web search engine


Hey, may you check beta version of PriEco:
I think I have fixed your issue and published it to this version of PriEco. After you approve it is fixed, I will push it to stable version.

Hi all,
I know it has been some time since my last post here, but don’t worry, I for sure wasn’t taking a long break. “What have I been doing?”, you ask. I was working on making PriEco better, faster, with more and better information, and with better design.

A lot has changed since my last message here. Let me tell you about them, one by one.

1st update:
It was a huge redesign update

I will let you check it out

Looks good on Mull Android.

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Damn it looks pretty good on brave mobile.

I also like the fact that you have a lot of search categories for a more refined search.
Because of this feature, I might start using this for OSINT rather than google advanced search.
Cheers mate!

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Thank you, glad that you like it!

And now the bigger, more important update!

For the last 3 months, I have been working only on 1 thing in PriEco. It’s index!
I have made a powerful, effective and fast web crawler. It gathers web results, Wikipedia data, news articles, Reddit discussions, and even images.

Currently, PriEco has indexed:

1.4M pages

102K images

6.5K news articles

750K Reddit discussions

100K Wikipedia

10K YouTube videos

1.57M search suggestions

If you want to try searching only using PriEco’s independent index, you can do so right here

Also, added more information sources and made PriEco sustainable “hopefully”. This is the reason I have released it out of beta after 2 years of hard and focused work!

What you need to do?
All you need to do is enjoy a no-tracking, eco-friendly, and user-friendly web search engine.

I hope you will like it, and if you have any feedback for me, you can send it to me directly through PriEco or through many more chats.

I am not quitting. I believe it is all just starting, and you can be excited about many more big and unique updates in the future.


It’s nice to see own index search engines. Keep up the great work.