PriEco: New open source web search engine

Hello Techlore community, I would like to show you my web search engine called PriEco.
Try it at:

I have already posted in Privacy Guides: PriEco: New open source web search engine - Tool Suggestions - Privacy Guides

What is PriEco?
•It is a web search engine with 2 main principles in mind: PRIVACY and ECOLOGY
•Open source with AGPL v3 license: PriEco/LICENCE at master - PriEco -
•Powered by Google, Bing and own index

•No tracking
•No data sharing
•Opt-in anonymous analytics
•Disable-able JavaScript: Uses only small necessary JS for search suggestions and “X” at search bar to clear search box. Other way it is fully usable without JS and every JS element can be disabled in settings.

•Hosted on servers only powered by wind power plants.
•Crawler powered by solar energy
•Future plans to use profit for charitable activities (PriEco has no profit for now)

What do you think about it? I would love to hear your feedback.


Hello jojoyou your service engine is a perfect alternative to startpage and duckduckgo hope your project becomes better


Thank you so much, I hope too, I am constantly updating it.


Your welcome any time my friend

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It seems like there are many issues on the web server :

But your project is interesting :+1:


Hello, thank you for your feedback.

Yea, for now I am using pretty cheap web hosting. Sure after PriEco grows larger I will upgrade it to a better hosting. Later maybe even using my servers.

As for now, I will look into the test and try to fix as many problems as possible.


The search engine is great to use and I like it’s simple and minimalist ui/ux. But I would suggest a few improvements:

  1. Improve on firefox android:
  • When I opened this search engine in firefox, it is not optimized, it is not showing full results. So, please look on that.
  1. When you are bringing in ads, please provide a feature to remove ads by premium model of it?

Good search engine, I think after brave search, the best is this one due to it’s simple and minimalist design.

Thank you


Hello, thank you for your review!

Regards your suggestions:

•Could you please clarify what you mean by " it is not optimized, it is not showing full results"? I use Firefox as my main web browser on both computer and phone, and personally I don’t have any problems, but you may have different experiences. I suppose you mean web search results over the “Search with Startpage, DuckDuckGo…” are sometimes cut off. In this case I am aware of it and will try to fix it today and over the weekend.

•I have planned to add premium feature to remove ads, I didn’t think at this time people would buy it, but because of your feedback I will add it much sooner.

That you said after Brave search PriEco is the best one is an awesome feedback considering PriEco is so much smaller than Brave search right now, with only me working on it.

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When I search in firefox, the search results are like this:

The search engine is not optimized for firefox mobile, i think, for desktop it is perfect.
Regarding pricing for search engine, please make it affordable and purchase power parity in third world countries and other countries.

Brave search and pri eco are the two search engine whose Ui/Ux is great(minimalism). I only use thess two search engines.
Thank you

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Oh, I see, it has to be some issue with your screen resolution. This will be the first thing I fix today!

For me, PriEco looks like this on android Firefox:

Yes, I will optimize the price and won’t ever make it more expensive than it has to be.

Thank you for using it! I have spent a lot of time improving its design.

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Oh okay, my phone

Are you planning to integrate Ai features in prieco in future?

When dpi of my phone is higher than the previous one

Thank you.

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Yes, I am planning to integrate AI. I am not sure yet but it seems like my first AI projects will be summarizer and AI that will be trained on my results and Google results so it will increase quality of my index.

The results on top of the page you see are directly from Google, results after “Search with…” are from my index.

Seems better with higher dpi, but still requires a fix.

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Great, when you combine all of your features with AI, it would be more usefull to navigate through the web, just like brave search.

When I click on a ad in your website, it links me to some website which was blocked ublock origin?

I will try to implement AI as well as possible.

I use a-ads , they are very privacy friendly but I am not sure why ublock blocks the websites these ads redirect to.

Furthermore, I have there these a-ads more as for a test how well they perform. Also, I don’t have a problem removing them

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You could do that yourself, click on one of a ad and have ublock origin. When you are redirected they are intercepted by ublock origin and say it will track users among web. You could insist a privacy friendly ad provider, if possible.

You could create a roadmap of features implementation in Prieco, in your website.

Thank you for suggestions.

I tried very hard to find a privacy friendly ad network that would accept to provide PriEco with ads.
Unfortunately, I haven’t found any, only the a-ads.

They pay very poorly, but they don’t use JavaScript so I decided to try them.

I may remove them completely because you are right, ublock blocks them a lot.

I could create a roadmap, and I will, but around 3 weeks ago, I have finished base version of PriEco. Right now, I am trying to get users to get feedback and to construct roadmap from the requested features.
I have still some ideas that are harder to implement and I want to add them, but I am not sure witch of them first…

For now, I am just trying to increase PriEco user base.

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If you could create a community in any app where every user can suggest ideas and talk about search engine?
I hope there could be an alternative to ads.

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I will create some forum where people can suggest ideas and also me and my future team’s ideas will be rated there.

Right now I have a discord server JojoYou but I have no problem creating a telegram, session or other type of group chat.

I have crypto donation addresses in the footer of PriEco and in the source code README, but no one ever donated.

For now, PriEco can function without source of income but it won’t be like that for a long.


If you could create a session community, it would be good.

I think, still now many didnt know about this new search engine. If it is known, i think some would donate.

Daily, how much searches were done through PreEco.

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I will look into creating a session public group.
If you would like my ID: 0545c64f1d46275058b0b7846c67e8de8aec24bb3ca9f140568eb24ad973919065

Yea, PriEco is pretty small. Around 150 searches a day and around 20 daily active users (At least ones that accepted anonymous analytics)

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