PostMaster seems to limit my Bandwith

I suspected that for sometime but now i finally got the proof i need.
i have a fiber internet with internet of up to 1000 MBPS download.
usually its stands on the range of 700-900 MBPS

today i tested my internet and i noticed that with Safing Postmaster active my internet speed was reduced to around 300-500 MPBPS

Update: Okay intresting thing: so appearently

when i Shut it down it got back to its usual speed.

so my question is: there a way to get back to my normal speed without hurting safing postmaster functioning? or is this some sord of byproduct of Safing Postmaster essential functions and i will just have to live with it?

2.if the answer of this is the former. what should i do exactly?

Update:So i turned off the SPN in “SpeedTest” app settings and the speed got back to normal?

ohh… is SPN enabled by defualt? if so how do can id dsiable it?
on a side note: if it is turned on by defualt its really messed up that something like this is is opt-out and not opt-in

I think SPN is an opt in paywalled feature.

I’m fairly new to Portmaster but had a similar experience with SPN being turned on by default. I don’t hold it against Safing as I understand that they’re providing this product for free and I’m sure they truly feel that SPN would be beneficial, and maybe that the average user wouldn’t think to apply it if it wasn’t already on? Not sure, but I understand your frustration regardless.

As far as deactivating it, I believe if you visit the side bar you should be able to click the gear icon and access your global rules for Portmaster.

Screenshot 2023-03-03 131618

You’ll see a screen that shows your “Secure DNS” at the top. Scroll down until you find the “SPN” title and toggle it to off. In theory this should set SPN to off globally. Hope this helps!

I recommend joining their Discord. They are very good with answering and explaining any issues you may be having.

SPN is a paid feature. Portmaster is a free tool for all. And if you don’t want SPN on by default, turn it off before quitting the app. Then the next time you open the app, SPN will not start automatically.

after looking more into it i realised that indeed SPN is not open by deffult. first of all it cant be (unless its a bug) becuse i dont have the paid plan.

2.i did an "Whats my IP check and the i don’t change throughout different browsers.

but that begs the question" why does it hurt my speed when the “Use SPN” is checked on :thinking:

See the architecture of SPN. It’s quite similar to tor so, SPN will by design, slow your internet down.

thie the thing tough. its a paid feature. i dont have the paid subscribtion. so it shouldnt be doing anything