Pop!_OS without full disk encryption

Just staring using Pop!_OS on my Raspberry Pi and found out, understandably, it doesn’t have the full disk encryption that the regular version has.

I am aware the the Pi’s focus or use case is not necessary security. It’s just all I have to put Linux on at the moment.

If I have a low thread model and won’t really have much or any super sensitive information on there, is it ok to use without the full disk encryption as my main desktop until I can afford a full legit Pop!_OS machine?

Might use it with only E2EE cloud services. But it is nice to have stuff locally.

I know it is an entirely personal decision…just wondering if it is or should be a dealbreaker that there is no full disk encryption.

Loving Pop otherwise, it is like a breath of fresh air, but it is slow on the Pi.

Dying to ditch Apple but thinking I should wait till I get a full powered machine.

I think that you should weigh the risks of full disk encryption with the likelihood that someone will break into your home. If your Raspberry Pi will stay home all the time and you don’t think it’s likely for you to suffer a break-in, you’re good. Bonus points if the burglars even think to steal your Pi. Full disk encryption is there to protect against physical access of the device after you turn it off.


Good point! Kinda how I was leaning, probably don’t need to worry about it.