[POLL] Linux distros

If you are using Linux, what distro do you use?

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I use Pop os Zorin OS and Fedora KDE plus EndeavourOS Nobara And Opensuse Tumbleweed

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My primary desktop OS has been linux for ~10 years

Current Distro of choice:
Fedora Workstation (Gnome)

Past (desktop)
Ubuntu, Linux Mint, LMDE, Debian, Arch, Garuda

Past (Server)
Ubuntu Server, Alma (RHEL), OpenMediaVault (Debian), Proxmox (Debian)

I’m pretty content with Fedora, it checks most boxes for me, but I’m beginning to get the itch to try something new, and OpenSUSE (on paper) looks like it will check all the same boxes as Fedora + a couple more, so I may try out OpenSUSE Tumbleweed or MicroOS desktop next.

Priorities for me:

  1. Good documentation, community, and pool of help and howto resources
  2. Security is a priority
  3. Good software availability
  4. Relatively up to date software
  5. Professional & mature team with a track record.
  6. Not too complex

So what are you running on your servers now? Fedora server? I always found that a more bleeding edge distro is kind of annoying to run on a server. I always just stick to Debian.

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i use endeavouros

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So what are you running on your servers now? Fedora server?

I don’t have any servers setup at the moment, but my last was running Alma, and my next i’m still weighing my options. I’d really like to try MicroOS for a container host but I fear its not yet mature enough or well documented enough for a non-pro like me to use confidently at this point. I think a less exotic choice that I am more familiar with like Ubuntu, Debian, or a RHEL clone may be the more sensible choice. But someday I’d really like to use MicroOS with Podman.

I tried Rocky (RHEL 9) for a while and you could say it was ‘rock’ solid :joy:

Seriously though the idea that I can run the same distro without upgrading for 10 years is kind of a nice idea. It also came with SELinux enabled by default similar to Fedora, I had trouble finding compatible software though so that’s why I ended up switching.

Debian and Ubuntu are second to none when it comes to software availability in the official repos as well as resources/tutorials/mindshare. When you begin with those distros, it can be hard to move to another distro family, I do still miss that aspect of the Debian/Ubuntu family of distros.