Political Micro Targeting

Friends of mine are incorrectly targeted by opposite political groups. They probably get correctly targeted as well, they just do not mention this.
The contract number on my phone has been the same for way too long. After the first of the year it will be changed.
Mint mobile E-SIM is my second line and the blocking and deleting the spam text from this new number has been interesting.
A previous owner may be named Perry, assuming Perry is a Male, possible a US Marine because of lawsuit for Camp Lejeune, which also puts him born before 1970, if he is qualified he had to be there before 1987.
Based off the area code for location, a few other assumptions could be made even to political affiliation.
I have considered doing an internet search just to see how accurate my results would be.

Have you been politically micro targeted, perhaps with your real name as a greeting?

How do you think your profile and category was created?

How could you delete this data?

I have not been micro-targeted, but I would find it extremely interesting to see how much more you could learn about “Perry” as a demonstration.

I have been receiving political texts leading up the election day in the US, and some have used my name. It’s annoying to know that there’s some database out there that these folks bought to spam people with. It sucks that so much of marketing is annoying people into buying something. We get annoyed, and yet to some degree some of us do the thing the spam asked for because otherwise marketing agencies wouldn’t be doing this.

This spurred me to look more in the cheap data out there on myself, and make some action.

My contract number is not a factor at this time.

A suggestion change your number. Especially if they used your real information.

Follow up, a text was sent to the new Mint Mobile number, including a last name, game over…

Using Brave, and Orbot with VPN mode on I searched whitepages and found a Perry at the right age, in the area code. He has a son with the same name. Perry was born in 1956 i know the exact date, he married in another county I know the marriage date, his wife owns mineral rights in that county. I know her maiden name.
There is about 10 counties in this area code and a property search on the interesting counties did not return a positive search for Perry. Results do show he has lived in ten house in 30 years a lot of these are apartments as the address have apartment numbers. I know his 87 year old mom still owns property in the county he was married in, her mailing address is the same as the real property address, so assuming she is alive and still living there. His daughter has owned her home since 2003, mailing address same as property. This property is in the same town as what repeatedly comes up as his current address.
Spokeo shows his name and a phone number with the area code and prefix the same number he is getting text messages with the last 4 digits grayed out.
I do not use social media but I have no doubt he has a full profile available.

While diving into all the detail on a forum about privacy was maybe a bit too much, it does highlight another problem with spam texts that are potentially worse than just being annoyed. By spam text a phone number with someone’s name, your revealing two data points that can be put together to find out who that person was online. Why would you want to do this? I’m not sure, but you’re kind of handing that access over on a platter. Conversely, if I ever change my number, now a stranger will be spammed with my name and old phone number and could run the same exercise on me.

The solution to this problem has to do with the data brokers since any stranger who has a reason to target you will find most of the scary information through those sites. However, it is creepy to think that you’re kind of getting thrown under the bus by an uncaring marketing agency. Like, when you thought spam was bad, imagine getting a weird call from another stranger annoyed that you apparently signed up for scams that they’re now getting on their new phone number. Unfortunate.

Describing these data points were considered as I did not want them to be used to determine personal information about me. Protecting Perry is protecting me.

This post originally was to discuss political groups buying data and contacting folks based off criteria. We can agree that a large amount of the public information is accessible for free and is used for political agendas.

Originally Perry’s last name was unknown to me. Seriously the fun of the hunt was over as soon as I discovered his last name.

Nice, disturbing demonstration. Good work.
I think you handled it in a balanced way. No one who reads this little experiment is going to have anything real on “Perry”.
Thanks for an interesting read.