Podcast about online privacy and security?

Hey everyone just curious what are some podcast about online privacy and security you listen to? I listen to podcast a lot so wanna learn more about the topic.


I used to listen to this podcast all the time when I was obsessed with privacy and security, it’s very extensive and he thoroughly explains the topics he covers

It’s available as an RSS feed and on podcast apps

Other than that, I also enjoy darknet diaries for stories of how hackers/other people were caught and arrested

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It goes without saying, Surveillance Report. I also enjoy Random but Memorable by 1Password.

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Michael Bazzell’s OSINT as MuseWriter mentioned and

Not specific to privacy and sec but its nice to know the mindset of “criminals” and the dark side of the internet

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Thanks a lot Everyone for the recommendations very helpful!

Here is my personal list:

Of course there is also Surveillance Report, but being on this forum I’m sure you are already aware of that.

Finally, I’d like to mention Self-Hosted by Alex Kretzschmar and Chris Fisher. This is not strictly privacy related but self-hosting is something that has the potential to increase your privacy. And thus a topic many of us in the privacy space research.

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Love you guys thanks! :pray:t4:

Techlore Talks. I don’t know if already know about Techlore, but it’s a good project. Really recommend it. They do a great job in the privacy community :joy:

Again thanks so much for all the recommendations I’ve been enjoying the podcast during work drives.