Plexus App Transition Development

When will the transition be finished?
The last commit was on August 12…

Hey everyone, thanks for visiting the repo & thank you to all contributors. Plexus is going through a massive transition right now:

  • The Plexus application has been released
  • The Plexus data in that repo is now in JSON format meaning we now have two different datasets, at least temporarily.
  • The JSON format is already better than the terrible CSV format in this repo, but the JSON format is actually temporary. We are working on an API to avoid the entire GitHub submission workflow.
  • Because so many changes are happening at once, we will not be accepting pull requests until our new workflow is completed. Once it’s completed, we will be manually porting over your submissions to the new data and closing the PRs.
  • Once everything is completed, all submissions will only be done via the application. We don’t have an estimate yet, but it’ll be the best ever experience once this is completed, enabling anyone to easily submit apps in an automated fashion in bulk.

There are some recent commits, the two peeps helping out with development are making steady progress. There’s a closed app update that hasn’t been published to the repo, we’re mostly waiting on the API to be completed to bridge the two sides of things.

Can’t give an ETA, especially since I’m not really doing much of this development, but it’s moving along!

The data set hasn’t been updated in 9 months and there are several unmerged pull requests. What’s the plan? Is it still possible to contribute?