Pixel Pass and GrapheneOS

This is for a business phone and not a personal phone.

I have been looking at the Pixel Pass, which is a subscription service with Google One and a Pixel phone.

I like the ease of a subscription for something meant to not be static, so I don’t want to outright buy a phone that I’m using for business purposes.

What happens if I go for the Pixel Pass then flash GrapheneOS on it?

I don’t see why anything would go wrong from a technical standpoint, but you may want to check where you can load custom ROMs on phones that are on this program.

It may be the case that booting a custom ROM could void something in the agreement that lets Google wipe their hands of giving you the next phone. Because this is a program from Google, they could have access to the data needed that confirms whether you’ve tried missing with the phone.

However, they may not care at all, just like how they don’t care if you buy a phone, load a custom ROM, flash stock Android back on the phone, and return it.

Depends on the fine print, lol.

You know, come to think of it, unless there is some extremely specific situation, it seems the Pixel Pass is over the top, especially if someone makes the most with their devices and don’t “upgrade” every two years.

IIRC stock Android still suffers from lazy updates, with Google strangely guaranteeing three years for version and five years for security. Graphene addresses this by saying they support a specific amount of time, with no disparities.