Pixel Dual SIM Dual ringtone

Since having Dual Sims I figured I would get Dual Ringtones on my Pixel phone. This does not seem to be an option for me. Is this a Pixel issue or a CalyxOS Android 13 issue?

Downloaded a “flow” for Automate using Aurora and the “flow” from here Automate community that will wait for an incoming call, determine the called sim card and depending on that set one or another ringtone. Edited the “flow” unique ringtones.

Can this be done with a FOSS application? Not that I can find.

In the stock CalyxOS contact app I set individual ringtones per a contact.

I own a GrapheneOS modded Pixel 6a and I can’t replicate the issue. Have you tried checking in the issues filed for Calyx? If not, please do so or file a new issue for the same with a system log.