Pixel 6 pro privacy screen recommendations!

I’m looking for a good privacy screen protector the one I bought is super crappy you have to turn the thing almost completely on it’s sides to block out unwanted viewers

This is the one I bought I don’t care if I can no longer use my fingerprint scanner https://a.co/d/56D7Wf3

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The one I bought for my Pixel 4a 5G was from “Supershieldz” on Amazon. It works well but as a warning it does add visible lines to your phone screen, eventually my brain got pretty good at blocking them out, but they are definitely still noticeable if I look for them, and it’s something you’re going to want to take into consideration if you buy one of these. Works well though, darkens very quickly when looking at it from an angle.
I’m not sure if you can get an effective privacy screen protector without those lines, haven’t tried any other brands, though.

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Oh wow thanks I’ll be sure to take that into consideration

Well after looking at the brand they don’t make an anti spy protector for the 6 pro