Phone Reorganization: What to Do

I have been thinking about restructuring my phone setup.

I plan to port my current number from my carrier to MySudo, then follow Techlore’s guide on an anonymous number and never use this number for anything. I plan to use a Faraday Bag for the phone this number uses.

However, I have questions in this restructuring.

  1. Because the phone with the anonymous carrier number will only be used as an anchor, is it advisable to go with a low-cost flip phone with a tiny attack surface? My concern with a smartphone is finite support and larger attack surface due to complexity.

  2. When you port your number out, iMessage will no longer work phone-wise. All my friends still use iMessage and I tried to encourage them to add backups or switch to Signal, but it completely failed as none of my friends went with it. They all have iPhones and almost solely use iMessage. If my iMessage days will end and I cannot encourage my friends to use other platforms, what do I do?

(And I’m good friends with them. It’s that iMessage is good enough for them, Signal or another messenger is seen as a pointless addon because no one else in our group uses it…)

  1. It’s possible in the future I need to use a seevice that does not accept VOIP. If I don’t want to use my number and they require me to use a non-VOIP number, what do I do?
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You can make SMS work again by contacting Apple support and asking then to remove you from their iMessage database because you are switching to an Android.