Phone Number Strategy Please 🙏🏼

I receive so many spam and spoof calls on my primary phone number. What is the recommended way to deal with this? Thanks

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In the USA every new phone gets added to the do not call list, I even add my families new numbers, they know I do it and often ask me if I have when they get a few spam calls. You can add multiple numbers at a time.

My mom got real upset with a cricket wireless AT&T number and you just have to judge if getting a new number would be better or worse. She did not want to go through the hassle of getting a new number.
She did not answer my call and called me back saying she had her phone on silent avoiding calls and notifications.

We set her default ringtone and notifications to Silent and then added custom ringtones and notifications to her favorites as a how to. Later she added custom sounds to a large amount of her contacts and has adopted this practice with new contacts.

I just bought a prepaid number with 365 years of credit that I use for receiving texts for annoying websites. I keep the device off 99% of the time until I need to receive a code.

Then I just give out my primary number to people that I know personally, so far haven’t really had a problem with spam calls.

You could also ring your ISP and ask them to change your number, when I originally registered my number it belonged to someone else and I was getting a lot of spam.

I just have one “spam” number that I use for everything.

Your country may have DND lists that you can opt for.

if worse comes, you have to change you number. There isn’t any way out of that when you are on some cold marketing lists.

If you are concerned with the sole fact of receiving spam i cannot recommend anything else but to change your phone number. It IS a huge pain in the butt, but it is the only way.

But if you are ready to cope with the fact of receiving spam and to combat this, you can enable some kind of blocklist with whitelist functionality, which means you’ll be able to only receive calls from the numbers you have explicitly allowed and block everything else. There are some drawbacks to this, like you won’t be able to receive benign calls from unknown numbers, which is a pain if you are a freelancer for example, but maybe this is exactly what you need.

Your standard dialer might have such functionality, make some research about it, dig into the settings. If you use an Android phone, i can recommend Simple Dialer app by Tibor Kaputa. You can find it both in the Play Store and F-Droid. This app replaces your standard dialer and has a blocklist feature, both blacklist and whitelist (you have to enable these features in the settings). It is going to receive all calls and process them for you, and if the caller’s number is not from your contacts list it’s going to abort the call and won’t even notify you. But you’ll be able to review all these calls in the journal later if you care for some possible benign calls.
And if you’re expecting an important call from an unknown number you can disable this feature in advance. Yes, you’ll be exposed to receiving spam calls for that time, but it’s a small price to pay to not miss an important call.
Funny thing is that this app is also capable of blocking sms spam, but only in blacklist mode. It can’t mitigate diverse spam from many different numbers, but if you get spammed from a limited number of sources you can blacklist them all manually. I had a couple of those sms spammers and now they don’t and can’t disturb me.

I can’t speak for anything besides an Android phone, but maybe your carrier has some interface for setting your own blocklist on their premise. I have no idea about any such functionality of any carrier outside my country, so can’t help you there, but nothing is stopping you from asking your carrier support about it.

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I actually really like this idea as a way of tackling spam. Every so often I look at my phone settings trying to see if I can block all phone calls from people who are not in my contacts. Now I wish there was an option to default to Silent unless they’re in my contacts.

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I plan to switch my primary number to VoIP and stop using it altogether beginning next week. The damage has already been done, and I don’t think I can stop spoof/spam callers from dialling/texting me. By switching, it to a VoIP number, at least I will be able to receive SMS OTP for a few annoying services that won’t let me change phone numbers or accept other forms of 2FA. I don’t plan to receive or make calls from this number anymore, just strictly for receiving SMS OTP for those few services.

Now I am debating if I should strictly buy a personal phone number for data only on the move and purchase a couple of new VoIP numbers to categorize banking, friends and family, random folks, and service signups. But then again, compartmentalizing would require me to purchase at least 4-5 VoIP numbers. One throwaway number on a rotation basis, perhaps. 5 VoIP numbers would likely cost me a lot of money every month. What do you all think?

My SMS# for banking is a Verizon Contract number. This Verizon contract number is also my primary internet access, really even at the house. I could basically set the ringtone and notifications to silent. My calls are so minimum as I have only gave it out to my banks and my immediate family for emergency use only. A call to Discover fraud protection would be made on this device for example of an outgoing call.
The Pixel phones we all tolerate, are dual SIM dual Standby with an eSIM. Mint Mobile offers an eSIM unlimited calls and Text w/ 5G of data for $15 a month.
IronVest gives you one masked number and masked credit cards with a DeleteMe account. This is my third tier number.
MySudo is $1 a month and I use the balance on pre paid credit cards to keep one or more of these active on Google Accounts.

Long term I considered moving my main Verizon number to a VoIP number like tossable digits because it is honestly so clean from spam I could go back to using it after the heat dies down from what ever issue I am having. PII lingers…

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SudoPro gives 3 phone numbers for $50/yr, and SudoGo offers 1 phone number for $10/year. I don’t need additional features like a virtual card as I already use privacy. SudoGo appears to be the best value among all their plans for me. But it’s just one number, though. Do you know if you can delete the number and get a new number anytime during the yearly billing period? How many number changes do they allow?

Tossabledigits looks more expensive, though. Just trying to figure out the best pricing to maintain 3-5 VoIP numbers moving forward in life. Thank you!

I’d like to see a price break down myself. The single line of MySudo was $1 a month, this is easy enough to change monthly.